Thursday, November 17, 2011

Operation Money Grabber Day 1

     First, I'd like to update you all about the bidding I've been doing on eBay with the 17 cents I found. Some communist outbid me this morning before I got up and won the item with a bid of  22 cents. I know the person was a communist because their name appeared in red when I was outbid. I will not be deterred though, and I'll keep bidding away until I win...something...anything!

     Yesterday I introduced to you all my new scheme called Operation Money Grabber, and so far it's gone surprisingly well! After 20 minutes of searching Bing (yes I use Bing, it's better, end of discussion), I came across a magical web site called It's a part of Amazon (so you know it's legit) and offers small tasks or HIT's (Human Information Task) which can be completed in exchange for US$. It's not a great way to make money by far, and one article I read about mTurk compared it to a virtual sweat shop because there is no minimum wage. You do make your own hours though, and there isn't any boss standing over you asking you if you got the memo about the new TPS report cover sheets, and that alone is a positive. Anyway, the HIT's consist mostly of surveys, but occasionally you'll find another strange task that someone wants you to do online and they'll pay you for it. For example a yesterday I was paid 5 cents to guess a number from 0-100 that the author was thinking of, and an additional $5.00 was promised if I got it right...I have no idea why they wanted to know this, but for the record my answer was 26.

     After several (3-4) hours of sitting in front of my computer screen filling out surveys and guessing numbers I amassed a whopping total of $3.07!  (Pay stub picture to the right) Not all of my HIT's have been approved as of yet though, so that number will only go up! Which brings us to the new total of:

Total: $13.24
     I can't believe that 3 days into this experiment I've already made a 32.4% return on investment! Tomorrow I'll talk about what other ideas I've come up with and put into action for Operation Money Grabber. If you thought today's update was amazing, wait until you see tomorrows update!

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