Friday, November 18, 2011

Operation Money Grabber Day 2

     Last night I spent several hours on eBay watching my bids and checking if I had won any of them...That's a big negative! I won't lose hope though. I will find something that I can buy on eBay with 17 cents if it's the last thing I do (I really hope it's not though).      I also spent some more time on mTurk last night racking up the dollars doing surveys and more odd task. I was asked in one of the surveys "what would you ask or say to GOD if you met him?" This question made me pause, stare at the screen for about a minute, and then look back at how much I was getting paid for the survey. For 25 cents a question, they were really asking a lot! I honestly have no clue how some people use this site as a source of real income. For the money you're getting paid, you have to do a lot of work! My goal on mTurk is to make $10.00 and then call it quits. I don't think completing surveys will allow me to reach my goal of $10^6 anytime soon!
     Yesterday I alluded to a new idea I had for Operation Money Grabber. If you all thought mTurk was exciting, this one is even better! It's a game called "Second Life", and the title basically says it all. You can make a character, customize absolutely everything about the character, and do anything that you want! The game is completely open to building and design. Which means if you can't find something you want (for example a 10 foot tall ketchup bottle), you can make it yourself! I use to play the game when I was in  high school but soon forgot about it. Recently though, I saw that one of my friends had the "SL" icon on his desktop computer, and it all came back to me.
     Another great quality about the game (and the reason why I'm writing about it)  is the fact that any money you make in the game can be then turned into US currency anytime you want! So for the past week I've been terrorizing Second Life residents, playing the part of a virtual bumb, and asking them all for money. The currency citizens use in Second Life is called Lindens or L$. By being a bumb I ammassed a total of L$ 4,508 (total pictured to the right), which is equal to $20.90! It's not bad considering the same amount of time dedicated mTurk would have netted me about half of that! I won't be considering this money in the 10^6 grand total as of yet though because it's not in US dollars. I also have more plans to make money on Second Life, which I'll talk about soon, but they may also cost me some of those Lindens to start up (Turns out the old adage is true!).

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