Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Operation Money Grabber Week 1 Summary

     Happy early Thanksgiving everyone! I'm currently in Ft. Lauderdale with my whole family celebrating and enjoying the fact that I missed 9 inches of snow that was dumped on Maine today. It's funny because I miss the snow, but I don't miss the cold!
     I've been working hard on Operation Money Grabber, and I've met a lot of the goals I set for myself! In the world of Amazon mTurk, I've finally reached my goal of making $10.00 using the web site! For those of you who forgot, is a website that allows people to get paid for taking surveys about random stuff. The only grievance I had with the site was that the surveys take a long amount of time and don't pay nearly enough! I felt as though my time could be spent more efficiently somewhere else, and that's why I'll never return to being an online survey taker.
     In Second Life, the over 4,500 L$ I begged people for (which don't forget is only worth around 20 US dollars) is still sitting there. I haven't gone forward with any of my plans for the Linden dollars because I still haven't figured out what the best course of action with the money is! I could just convert the money into US dollars and sit on it, but I feel as though the money could be used in Second Life and easily doubled if not tripled. I originally planned on making some "Gaming machines" (gambling in Second Life is illegal, but "gaming" isn't) with the money, but I found out quickly that it would cost a lot more money and time than I had! So right now the money sits there...until I find something better to do with it!
      As fot the 17 cents... I STILL haven't bought a single thing on eBay yet! Not a single thing! I'm starting to think that I may have jinxed the whole 17 cents idea after I called the guy who outbid me a communist. So, if you're reading this post 22 cent bidder, I'm sorry I called you a communist, and I just want to be unjinxed! Pretty soon I'm going to start bidding over the 17 cents...The buyer can be mad that I'm using 2 different payment types, I really don't care!
     Finally, I've added some ads (tongue twister) to my blog which will also bring in some revenue! So far they've brought it a whole 3 cents! Which means I need everyone reading this to start clicking ads. I mean as many as possible.
     I hope everyone had a great day tomorrow! I'll post more updates as soon as I win something on eBay...

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  1. "I need everyone reading this to start clicking ads"

    g bomb wil r-r-r-rape you... i showed u that email they sent me right?