Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What Can You Even Do With 10$?

     From what I can see, you can't really do much! It's not enough money to invest in stocks (unless it's penny stocks but I've heard horror stories about those) so I've decided to hold onto that 10$ bill for now, and commence operation "Pull money out of thin air". Which I will be calling from this point on Operation Money Grabber. I've found a few web sites online which will help me accomplish Operation Money Grabber which I'll be discussing over the next few days.

     As for today though, I have some good news! Earlier as I was walking to class I opened up my wallet and something caught my eye inside. It was a long forgotten prepaid debit card that was stashed away in the back of my wallet! (Pictured below and to the left with some personal touches added by me. The face looks really creepy...)

     I was 15 minutes early for class, so I decided to visit the library to check how much money was on it. I sat down at one of the computers, logged on as fast as possible, typed in the card number, and found that the card had a whole 17 cents on it! This was very exciting news to me, and after class I went straight to my room and hopped on eBay. I found a few (33 total...) items to bid on with my newly found money. I bid on all of them and set my max bid to 17 cents. All of the items offered free shipping, so all I'll have to pay for is the item itself!
     The first auction closes tomorrow, so I'll be able to report if I won something by then! I'm hoping that after I receive the item I'll be able to trade it to someone I know for an item worth more. Thus increasing my profit to something far larger than $0.17.
     As usual shoot me an email if you have a suggestion:
NEW TOTAL: $10.17

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