Monday, December 12, 2011

The Internet Is Serious Business

  Cats, like T.V., do not lie. So when I saw a cat meme saying that the Internet was serious business, I believed it. I've found that the Internet is also a serious way to make money. I seem to have found a small money making niche for myself in the game Second Life. I thought I was done playing it after I bummed almost 5000L$ off of other residents, but I found out that there was more money to be made using the game. With very minimal effort I was able to amass almost three times the amount of lindens I had before!
     In an earlier post I talked about me trying to making money in Second Life using gambling machines which I thought were deemed illegal in Second Life a while back. Well it turns out they're not illegal if the games being played are based off of skill instead of chance. I found a gaming area (which was essentially a casino) with a free play section that you could win a small amount of Linden Dollars if you won the games they had. The Lindens you won through these free games wasn't more than a penny in USD but they got the user excited about the games and made them think they they could actually win on the games that you had to pay for. I wasn't going to fall for that trick, so I just stuck to the free games. After about 30 minutes playing a got a high score and decided to put down the game for a little bit to go get a bit to eat. When I came back I found that my account had been credited 200 Lindens! I had no clue why this happened, so I asked around. A player next to me said

Guy - "Oh you must have won the hourly bonus prize"
Me - "Hourly bonus prize? What's that?"
Guy - "What you thought people would show up here and be content making 20 Lindens an hour?" (about 10 cents per hour)
Me - "Yeah..."
Guy - "Lol well the casino gives away money every hour for the person with the highest score!"
Me - "Oh."

Oh...It was on. For the next 4 days I had Second Life constantly on. Every hour I would get the high score, put the game down, do some homework, pocket the Lindens, and repeat the process. Steve Pogelmann (my character) was always on the board making that dollar! It got to the point that no one would even play because I kept winning the money. Apparently the casino took notice too because yesterday when I went back to get more money I found that they had discontinued the contest (high score board can be seen to the right). Honestly I was okay with it because I had pocketed over 10,000 L$ to my name in the process of playing those games.
     So now I have a lot of Lindens and I don't know exactly what to do with them. I decided to turn to eBay to see if I could sell them on there, and it turns out I could! I put up a few listings to sell the Lindens I had, and after a few days waiting I got a few buyers. They paid me in USD, I transferred Lindens to them, and I made a small profit in the process.  I then used the USD and profit I made to buy more Lindens which continued the process. The flow chart below shows how it all works.
     This cycle resulted in me making even more Lindens which can be sold back to USD at any point through Lindenx Currency Exchange. To date I have 14135 L$ in my account which can be sold to make a profit of $53.01 USD. The amount is staggering compared to the effort I put in to make the money. I am not down with Second Life. My goal is to make 30,000 L$ or $100 USD out of thin air. I feel as though it won't be hard to do, but it will take time.
     In other non Second Life news, I'm still waiting on my eBay stuff to get here. The sellers said it should take 3-4 weeks. Which I can understand considering I spent only a few cents on their items and it takes a lot more than that to ship it here from China!

More updates to come later this week!

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  1. so basically infinite money can be had. time to outsource... or get a nerd to write some linden farming code

  2. Lol James you're totally right, but the only problem is that I don't have any macro writing knowledge, or outsourcing knowledge! Shoot me an email with tips if you know anything!