Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

     I hope everyone is having a great Christmas and I hope you all got some very cool stuff. I'd like everyone to remember though that if they save out some of their Christmas money and invest it wisely, they can get a pretty sweet return on their original investment! Go make a pile of all the stuff you received for Christmas and don't want, return the items, and invest all of the money that you received! I would stay away from savings accounts, money market accounts, and even CD's! Their rates are too low and when inflation is taken into account you're actually losing money on these investments!
     With careful planning and research it is relatively easy to turn a profit by trading stocks and bonds in the stock market (I can hear the "99%" protesters now).  It's also very easy for one to lose all of their money in a matter of minutes by messing around with stocks, but if you're careful you will make money. This is relevant to the 10 to the 6th blog because it's the direction I'm planning on going in after I sell off all of my Linden dollars. I'm going to invest the money I've made up until now in stocks. I've already made a stock account online, so it's just a matter of selling off the Lindens and transferring the money into my stock account! It should be quite interesting playing the market. Let me know if you have any good stock trading tips via email!

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