Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ven - The Currency of the Interwebs

     I went on the interwebs a little earlier today to see how all of my Internet account positions were. My sales of Linden Dollars via eBay are still producing a slow but sure profit, but I found something unexpected! When I signed on my Hub Culture account I found that I had two messages. One on them said the following:
      Once again I have some "splainin" to do. In my insatiable search for self promotion I posted on the Hub Culture forum a note to view my blog (10tothe6th) and write me a small note about what they thought. In exchange for this small task I would pay them 1 Ven each (approx $0.11). As a reminded Ven is the Internet currency used on the site, and just for signing up for an account you receive 10 Ven (approx. $1.10). Therefore it wouldn't cost me a dime to drum up more blog views. That's a pretty sweet deal!
     Apparently my use of the forums, and transactions using Ven resulted in me being the SECOND most involved user for the site! The site then rewarded me ten more Ven just for making the list! I haven't found a niche quite like the one I found in Second Life for making money, but I think I'm close! I'll write an update as soon as something new happens.
     I hope you all have a great New Years! I'm off to Montreal myself for New Years with some friends. It should be an adventure considering we're staying in a hostel that cost 23 bucks a night...

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