Monday, February 27, 2012

Trading Rage

[Me when I reviewed the trades I made]

I haven't updated the blog for a while, and there are a few mediocre reasons for that! I've been fairly busy with some non 10^6 blog business, and honestly I just didn't make time for an update because I was raging. So please accept my most sincere apology dear reader. You may be asking yourself though, "what were you raging about Will?" The answer is my own stupidity.

Lets break down why I'm stupid. First, when I bought the 3 shares of URBN, I bought them using real time trading. This service costs 9.95 per transaction, but there was another service which I could have (and should have) chosen which would have only cost me 4 dollars per transaction. Of course when you buy and sell a stock it involves two transactions (one buy order and one sell order). This results in a net deduction from ones profit of $18.90. To someone buying 1000 shares of a stock this isn't a big deal! For me though, someone buying 3 shares totaling 75$, it is a huge deal! I factored in the brokers cost of trading into the my profit calculator and found that after URBN's price per share (PPS) gets to ~$31.30 I will start to make profit. Below is today's PPS graph with my purchase and profit lines transposed over it.
As you can see, I am very close to turning a profit with these URBN shares! An increase of 2 dollars will allow me to at least break even. So I guess when you look at the graph, I'm only a little bit stupid!

If you remember though, stocks weren't the only thing I bought with the ~100$ that I've accumulated! I also bought Bitcoins. It turns out that I bought them at the worst possible time too. Promptly after I purchased the coins at a rate of 6.10 USD/BTC, the rate took a nose dive to 5.50 USD/BTC. Literally this all happened within a few hours, and within a few days it bottomed out at 4.50 USD/BTC.
Above shows the exchange drop as well as my buying point in green. I should have realized that it was a bad time to buy as the market volume increase 100 fold minutes before I bought my bitcoins. Currently, the exchange rate for one Bitcoin is around $5.00. The rate seems to steadily increasing and hopefully soon I'll be able to sell the Bitcoins and turn some sort of profit!


  1. I am thinking about investing some extra cash in to something like that... But I am absolutely green in this. Any tips for a beginner?

  2. Never stop doing research man! It took me about a month to find a good time to buy URBN. Make sure you take into account your costs too!!