Monday, March 26, 2012

More Pennies and a Loss =(

10^6 Blog Highlights:

-4.069 Bitcoins sold for 20.35 USD
-Pre-1982 Penny collection reaches 3 pounds ($4.65 worth)

I've realized that in the near future, Bitcoins will not make it back up to their 6.00 USD/BTC rate that I bought them at. Therefore, I've taken a small 5 dollar loss on that investment, and I am going to use my money to invest elsewhere. I have on hand $7.67 in pennies ($4.65 of which are pre-1982 pennies). With the sale of the Bitcoins, I now have 25$ in cash.

I've posted an ad on eBay to sell these pennies (See here), and I should be able to sell all 3 pounds within 2 weeks. I say that because the price I am selling them at is lower than any other eBay selling, and I think customers will realize that and appreciate it. Going through thousands of pennies, picking out the ones that are worth something, and returning the ones that aren't to the bank has been daunting to say the least. I will say that it is an easy way to kill time though, and when you're studying engineering (like I am) you have plenty of it...Not....

Going through all of those coins has make me realize a few things.

1. Pennies are REALLY, REALLY, dirty.
2. Every penny has some sort of weird substance stuck to it.
3. Canadian pennies are way too common.
4. You need to wash your hands after you touch any sort of money....Trust me.



  1. I honestly think money is the dirtiest thing known to man..


    I was actually thinking about getting a BitCoin account myself.


  2. Hey man, i'm diggin your idea, keep up the hard work. Followed /b/ro

  3. Really interesting bro followed thanks for the blog.

  4. I didn't know Bitcoins had any monetary value. How come?

    Interesting blog btw.

  5. Bitcoins are a limited commodity, and there can only be 21 Million of them. They are traded, based on demand, at different exchange rates for different currencies.

  6. Dude i NEVER see clean pennies! EVER. i shat a brick when i saw a 2012 one a few days ago. blew my mind

  7. and what for? i know that "deepweb" (if is called like that) have a bitcoin-ed economy but i can't still process how a virtual currency have exchange rates with a real-world currency, if i can call it like that.

  8. nice blog dude!

  9. Awww, to bad you diddn't invest earlier to bitcoins :/

  10. I know how nasty your hands get after feeling change, they get sticky and this really odd smell, just disgusting! Good luck on selling those pennies!

  11. Man I remember when I had like 5 decently sized containers of coins and had to go through them. The nasty on those coins was just crazy.

  12. First time seeing this blog, gotta say I'll follow it. Sounds like a sweet journey.

  13. It's all about money my friend

  14. this makes me feel gross thinking about all the pennies i used to put in my mouth when i was younger...

  15. Canadian pennies are not too common!!!
    They're being taken out of circulation :(

    1. :O

      I had no clue! Nice find. Maybe I should start saving out Canadian pennies too? My grandchildren can cash them in in 50 years for 2 cents!

  16. Bitcoins... I thought they were only a joke :P

  17. i'm with you on how money is dirty... which is one of the reason i only pay in plastic :P