Monday, April 16, 2012

Call Me the eBay Master

  • No fireworks video yet (cry me a river I've been busy)
  • Apple Airport Extreme -- SOLD
  • I've been making money through Superpoints
  • No one wants my pennies -- That means I should buy more
No Fireworks Video -- Yet:
I didn't get a chance to go to the fireworks store this weekend. Which means you don't get a video yet. I'm sorry Internet. You'll get it as soon as I finish up finals down here at school! Here is someone else blowing stuff up for your viewing pleasure in my videos stead.

The Airport Extreme SOLD:
The item sold on eBay for $91.00! Which is awesome until you take into account shipping cost, Paypal's fees, and eBay's fees. In the end, I walked away with $83.00! That's not half bad for a 25$ investment. My total return on investment was 232%!

I have no clue what I'm going to do with the money. If you have any idea, comment below!

Look here for the past trades I've made!

You've probably seen a link or ad to Superpoints on the interwebs somewhere. People spam it all over the place for one good reason -- You make money if people join.

I currently have 2 friends. That isn't a lot, but having friends has it's perks. For one, you win what you're friends win. For example, if one of my friends does a survey worth 200 points, they get 200 points and I also get 200 points.

If you have enough friends, you really don't have to do much/any work at all! Simply collect your points and figure out which reward you're going to redeem them for. So that's the deal with Superpoints. If you want to join up, click here, and you'll get 25 points just for joining (1 point = 0.01$)

Every day or so Superpoints will send you an email with free points within. All you have to do is click on the link and they're yours!

I'm starting to regret buying those pennies because no one has bought any of them yet! I think people are turned off to the idea because there really isn't much room for profit when buying 1 pound of pennies at a time.

That means that I must go out and get more! I'll use some of the money I've made off of the Apple Airport sale to finance more penny purchases!


  1. Just sent you $2.50 how do you feel?

    1. Is an "I love you" too strong?

      Also: I'm going to turn it all into pennies.

      How do you feel?

  2. I'm currently doing superpoints, and its slow for me, gotta get more people to join. Congrats on the sale, thats a nice profit!

    1. Thanks man! I have no clue what I'm going to do now!!

  3. Good sell! I would like to help you out, but I have neither ideas nor the money :(

  4. Nice job turning around the Airport so quickly

  5. That is really impressive, I wish I was good at finding things that cheap and reselling, its easy money