Monday, April 2, 2012

The Gentleman's Competition

  • A gentleman's competition has begun between 10^6 blog and TheFoodPatEats blog.
  • Rules:
    1. Who ever receives the most views on their blog in the month of April wins.
    2. The winrar will receive the entire Ad Sense revenue for both blogs for the month of April.
    3. No auto refreshers or bots allowed.
    4. Everything else is fair game!
Lines have been drawn in the sand, and you, the viewer, must choose which side you want to win.

Last months Ad Sense revenue was $87.17, and that was without much interest from viewers! Imagine how big the pot will be this month! I could make a lot of investments with that money...

I guess when it comes down to it, do you want me to win?

(Do you like Phil Collins?)

Or Pat?
(Jacket c. 1981)

Leave me some comments if you have any ideas to boost my blog views!


  1. Haha nice plan bro!
    And nice background picture lol
    I'll help you with your goal!

  2. hey good luck!! i'm rooting for ya :)

  3. hahahah good luck m8... defenitely gonna get clicks from me ;)

  4. I want you to win! Good luck my friend, you have a very interesting blog :) most originality I've seen in awhile on Blogger

  5. the pot for sure :)
    $1000 goal for april!

  6. Good luck with getting closer to your million dollar goal.

  7. Good luck and great blog, interesting topics.

  8. like the million dollar background ;')

  9. Nice jacket! LOL!!/MemeDoctor