Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some Blogging Pro Tips and Tricks!

Although I am new to blogging (4 month veteran), I have picked up some tricks and tips to make blogging not only fun, but profitable! These tips come from comments left by my followers, and things I've picked up from viewing others blogs.

1. Before signing up for Google AdSense make sure your blog has a focus and a few interesting posts!
  • Google won't approve you unless you have a legitimate blog with at least a few posts.
  • Google likes to see this:
This blogger has a blog name, description of the blog, and some interesting posts!
  • Not this!
This blogger has nothing and is therefore boring

2. Know your audience!
  • Don't post about how much you hate your dog if your blog is about computer programming! Your viewers will be left thinking "This does not compute" and then they'll explode.
  • Know what your audience likes to see. If they are most likely a technical bunch, don't bother with the silly pictures of cats, but if you think they'd enjoy the occasional break in text, keep the cat pictures.
3. Comments, comments, comments!
  • Comments from viewers are crucial for you to understand your audience. They will tell you what they like, and what they don't in plane text! Listen to them and make them happy so they will keep coming back!
This is very annoying for your viewers, and a lot of them will just say forget it and not comment at all! That is bad. Do us all a favor and disable it (under settings).

4. Give your viewers a reason to coming back!
  • Who doesn't like free stuff? Letting your viewers know about promotions, free gifts, and coupons that you've found will keep them coming back.
  • Try to find free stuff/promotions pertaining to your blog topic.
5. Build your network!
  • Followers are key to building your network.
  • They are the viewers who will keep coming back every time you post, and they will bring you more followers.
  • Find web sites or blogs that pertain to your topic, and follow them or post your link on them.
6. Make your profile interesting!
  • Your profile will let your viewers know you're a real person who can be trusted.
  • Don't leave your profile blank or private.
Put SOMETHING in here! Also make sure your profile has a link to your blog as well! Viewers get bored by blank pages.

I can't look at my followers blogs if they don't share their profile! Make it public!

I have learned so much about blogging in this short period of time, but I know I've probably forgot some stuff. Leave a comment below if you think I did, and I'll keep adding to the list!

Finally, you may or many not have noticed the new store widget...thing at THE BOTTOM of my blog page. If you want to trade for any of the items listed, email me (tentoamillion@live.com)! I will literally accept any trade, and I'll even plug your blog/web site/whatever on here if you do go through with it!


  1. Pro trips man this will help us a lot.

  2. Pro Tip: Put ur blog link everywhere

  3. Great tips all around, good sir. It sounds like common sense, but a lot of people really don't know how to manage a blog effectively.

  4. thanks for the tips :) helps a lot

  5. Thank you for these tips, many of the newbies need these. What also irritates me is #6, as there has been a couple of commenters that have their profile on private, I want to view you blog!!!

    1. I couldn't agree more. I want to see all of my followers blogs, but sometimes I can't because of #6 and it's really annoying! They many have some really interesting content too.

  6. Very nice my friend awesome tips

  7. Good stuff, do even more in the future please :).

  8. Very good tips, I agree with them all. Especially the comment one, I cannot stand having to type out a captcha to comment.

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  12. Very nice post man, covered many interesting points and I learned a thing or 2 from it. Nice Job.

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  18. I'm new to blogging too! Only started properly this week haha. Thanks for the tips though. Not sure if my blog is any good or not but feel free to check it out!

  19. I'm just starting. Thanks for the tips!