Saturday, April 7, 2012

Updates: Formatting, eBay, The Competition, and Fireworks

  • New blog format - Now with pages! (Oooo)
  • The Apple Airport Extreme and Pennies go live on eBay
  • I'm murdering Pat in The Gentleman's Competition
  • Fireworks
The New Blog Format:
I have once again change the format of this blog. This time, I think it's going to stick. I've moved all of the "Free Stuff Report" posts over to it's own page, and I've put the blog inventory on it's own page as well. Isn't organization fun?

You may have also noticed that the million dollar bill on my blog logo now has Ronald Reagan on it instead of me. This is because:
  1. Ronald Reagan is my favorite President.
  2. He started the SDI program which was later coined by the media as "Star Wars." Thus making him instantly cooler than all other Presidents.
  3. It's my blog and I do what I want.

My Stuff is Live on eBay!
I have posted the Apple Airport Extreme and copper Pennies on eBay. The latter was posted on eBay once before for 7 days with no bidders, so we'll see how a 30 day auction goes! If you re interested, check them out and bid! If you're not interested, you can still bid and jack up the price for me. I may even give you a cut.  ;)

The Gentleman's Competition Update:
If you don't know what this competition is about, you can see my original post here. Like I said though in the highlights, I'm murdering Pat. Below is a picture of the view counts a few days ago.

Since then, I believe the difference in views is about 200! Which means that all of the Ad Sense money for April will most likely go to... ME! Which means in turn that I'll be able to make even more money for 10^6 blog! And that is GOOD.

The Destruction of the Earrings and String - Using Fireworks:
Your comments have pretty much unanimously told me that you want me to blow up the earrings and string. Up until yesterday, I though that was a great idea but now I realize that we may have a slight problem.

The problem is that fireworks are technically illegal in Florida. They can be purchased and possessed, but only if you own/work for a fish hatchery or farm and are using them to scare away birds. I don't work for either, but at the same time I promised you all a big boom...or at least a fire ball!

Not wanting to disappoint, I have came up with a solution! I'm going to buy A LOT of sparklers, tape them all together, place the string and earrings on top of the pile, light them, and run like hell. Check out the set up below:

Sometimes I amaze myself with my own drawing skills.

Personally, I'm not too happy about this solution, but I've made similar sparkler bundles before, and they are quite nice to watch burn. I hope you all are pleased with the solution! :P

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  1. Love the new format you did. Looks much nicer.

  2. I like the new format, and good luck on your competition.

  3. Worry not about mere laws! FIREWORKS!

  4. Lookings forward for photos of this illegal firework ;)

    1. Same here, should be interesting.

  5. No fireworks is a disappointment, I got to admit that. But some men just want to see the world burn, I guess. Try to make more bets with your friends, like the gentlemen thing, this will earn you some bucks!

  6. Great template dude!
    Keep it that way

  7. Nice one man im liking the new template! keep up the good work.

  8. I don't know what your talking about, that drawing is fantastic.