Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Revenue Stream Found - Just Go to the Movies!

Who would have thought that going to the movies would actually MAKE you money? Not me! Especially if you consider how expensive movie tickets are (10-15 bucks here).

Well it turns out that going to the movies is actually profitable, but only at certain times and for certain movies. Here are the details: (thanks to Pat over at TheFoodPatEats)

Some movies on opening night have a 12:01 A.M. showing which is in IMAX. The IMAX tickets are typically 15-20 dollars which seems fairly steep, but hear me out! When the movie ends, the theater typically gives out posters to all of the patrons who saw the movie on opening night.

It turns out that the posters can be sold on eBay for anywhere between 15-20 dollars! You're essentially paying for the movie ticket and then some!

Lets say that you find yourself with more than one poster (because you know someone will just throw it on the floor), well you've just turned a small profit! Just for seeing a movie!

Don't believe me? Check these links out:

My friend Pat scooped up 4 posters from the 12:01 IMAX showing of The Dark Knight Rises. I'm going to sell them on eBay in the next few days and be cut in on the profit!

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