Thursday, August 9, 2012

Movie Posters and Post Cards

In a previous post I talked about some movie posters that my friend Pat picked up for free. I sold 4 of them for him and he cut me in on 25% of the profit.

My cut of the sales is $14.31

These sales on eBay got me looking around the site for other items. I found one section of eBay which had some penny auctions. These listings start at 1 penny and have no reserve price. They're mainly used by new eBay members to get their positive buyer/seller score up quickly.

I decided to take advantage of this by listing post cards on eBay as penny auctions. The profitability sheet is below.

The eBay and Paypal fees really kill my profit on these post card sales.

The reason why I chose to sell post cards in penny auction format was because they're cheap to ship, fast to write, and I can make one out of any paper lying around. By building in a small shipping fee I can ensure that I always turn a profit.

Another great thing about these post card sales is that I can use them to spread the word about 10^6 all around the country! At the end of the post card message I always put the 10^6 web address in the hopes that the recipient will check out the blog! This would turn me another profit from advertising revenue.

Another video to come soon!

New Blog total: $254.37


  1. I suppose there are more bizarre ways to make money.

  2. That makes sense, and it seemed to work.

  3. Can you post your ebay username? I want to buy a postcard.

  4. That's some staggering profit you made there friend!