Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Blog Trades + T-Shirts (For real this time) + The Balloon!

I executed the following trades this week: (SPRT) -- Buy: (2) at 3.24$ -- Sell: (2) at 4.21$
[+1.94$ +30.0% ]

I regret that I only bought 2 shares of Support! A 30% return on investment is amazing considering I only held the stock for a few days!

Way back (probably a year ago now) I talked about making and selling T-shirts as a potential profit source. This never became a reality for a few reasons, but I'm finally going to make it happen now! About a year ago my friend Syd drew the image below of our other friend Pat (who goes by PattyBadFingers -- hence the name at the bottom).

This image will be on the shirt
You may be asking yourself: Why would Will want to make T-shirts with my friends face on them?And to that I say:
  1. My friend Syd did a great job on the image.
  2. The masses love my friend Pat (PattyBadFingers) and I know people would buy these.
I've priced out the shirts and expect to pay 7-8$ per shirt and their retail price will be 10-15$. This will turn 10^6 a nice little profit, and hopefully be enough to finance the rest of my balloon project!

The Balloon

I've decided to break the balloon project into 5 different videos -- each discussing the different components needed for a successful balloon launch. They are as follows:
  1. The Payload
  2. The Balloon
  3. Recovery System
  4. Following FAA Rules
  5. Launch Day
Or in graphical terms:
(My drawing skills are to the max in this picture)

Stay tuned for updates! I'll be making the official recovery system video this weekend!
Blog Total: $134.68

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