Saturday, September 15, 2012

Blog Update: Stocks, ETF's!

I made the following trades over the past few days and I'm very excited about their initial prospects!

4 - Facebook (FB) Shares @ 20.80$
5 - PowerShares DB Commodity Short (DDP) Shares @ 28.00

Why buy Facebook? The IPO came out only a few months ago and since its creation has been fraught with trouble. First there were law suits, then there were poor profit reports, but now things have turned around...or so I think. I feel like FB bottomed out at 20$ and should hit 30-40 by the end of the year. We'll see how good my predictions are!

PowerShares is a little bit more of a risk for me. To be honest I didn't do much research about the fund. I only saw that its PPS went down 15% in one day which made me think that there would be a significant return in the future when the stock price comes back. This tactic seemed to work out for me when I bought those URBN shares a few months back, so we'll see if it'll work again with this stock.

I have some more exciting updates coming this week one involving balloons!

BLOG TOTAL: 126.26$