Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Weather Balloon Project - Intoduction

I'm starting a new project  for 10^6 blog which may seem a little weird to you all. I'm going to make a weather balloon and launch it. Although on the surface it may seem strange that I would be spending money on such an adventurous task; I assure you that the ends do justify the means. Before I get into any of that though, here's a video!

(Yes, that is an explosion at the end)

So here are the reasons why I'm undertaking this project:
  1. Videos and pictures of the Earth at high altitudes are always a favorite among Internet users, and the increase in traffic to 10tothe6th blog will generate ad revenue! (Which will hopefully be enough to turn 10^6 a nice little profit!)
  2.  I'm currently studying Aerospace Engineering, and this project will allow me to apply classroom knowledge to the real world.
  3. Finally, being a space buff, I want the average person to realize that space is only a few hundred miles above us, and using this video series as a guide anyone can access it!

More information will be coming at you in the next few days!


  1. I heard about a kid from The Great Britain who did something similar for a small budget.. Go for it!

  2. The govt tells me these are actually ufos