Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Need to Go Back to 3rd Grade | New Blog Look

I Need to Go Back to 3rd Grade

Why do I need to go back to the 3rd grade? Well that's because after reviewing my past blog totals I've realized that I've made some rather serious errors in my profits and losses... AKA I have less cash than I thought I did.
No excel spreadsheet will fix this one. Pen and paper all the way.

To make my life a little easier, and to ensure this doesn't happen again I'm going to do things a little different.  First, my free cash will be kept in a paypal account. Any additions or subtractions to the blog total will be noted on the paypal account and so the accounting side of my free cash flow will be made easier.
Second, any stock trades that I make, or changes to the 10tothe6th stock portfolio will be screen capped and posted on the blog. No money will be added to the portfolio, nor will money be taken out (unless I note otherwise).
That should make the accounting for this blog a lot easier. So without further adieu here are the new, ACCURATE blog totals:
Stock Portfolio:
Cash: 35.00$
Stock: 300.80$
  • Intel -- 217.60$
  • Facebook -- 83.20$
Cash: 71.40$
Ven: 192.00 (Yes I still have this Ven, and no I don't know what I'm going to do with it...)
1 Snowboard (I really need to get rid of this board...)
I'm glad we got that cleared up.

New Blog Look

As you can see I changed the blog around a wee bit. I took out the "Current Blog Holdings" tab. All blog totals will be at the end of each post now. I also added a contact tab where you can send me spam or comments or questions or really anything you want.
There's also a link to our Facebook page. So you should probably like that page to show your support for 10^6.
Most stuff coming this week -- October wrap up -- Bitcoins (again) -- Weather Balloon Updates -- New Videos


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