Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September Profits | 10^6 Store

September Profits
Post Cards:
In the past few months I've mentioned a few times that I've been selling post cards on eBay as a way to make money for the blog. This has been fairly popular because its a quick and easy way for someone to boost their eBay feedback score. I've made the following from post cards

10 Postcards @ 0.90 each......9.00$  (Pretty cool huh?....Just wait)
EBay Fees...............................0.90$
Paypal Fees............................3.00$
Profit......................................1.90$  (Not so cool now)

So it's easy to see that although the post cards auctions boosted my feedback score on eBay, they weren't as lucrative as I thought they were going to be. This is why I've stopped selling them on eBay (but we'll talk about that later).
Google Adsense:
It's been almost a year since I've received a Google Adsense payment, and that's simply because Google's payment dispersal threshold is 100$. To date I have $44.47 in sitting in Google's pocket just waiting to be dispersed. I'd like this to happen a little faster... So don't be afraid to tell your friends, co-workers, family, pets, and/or the guy who cuts your grass -- about this blog.

Until I have that Adsense money in my hot little hand, I won't be counting it towards the blog total.

Superpoints is a web site which allows you to do tasks in exchange for "Superpoints," and these points can then be exchanged for goods/money. Above you can see I was paid 25$ from Superpoints for about 2 minutes of work a day...for 1-2 months. All in all it's not a bad way to make some money but I simply don't have the patience to click a button over and over again just to be rewarded with a few cents in the end. So don't expect another Superpoints payment for a while...If at all.

10tothe6th Store
 That's right kids, 10tothe6th got the upgrade in the sales department! No more eBay sales (their fees are too much to bare). I now use a site called Storenvy. It's a huge improvement because the site is free to use and bills directly to Paypal. So at the top of the blog please check out the store and see if you want any of my stuff. This currently includes but is not limited to:

A hand written post card from me - 1$
A BAD T-shirt - 10$ + Shipping
A scarf my sister crocheted - 10$ + Shipping
 And maybe this plastic metal that my roommate just gave me! - 1000$
That's all I've got for now. Expect a new weather balloon video (this one about parachutes) later this week.
Blog Total: $161.58
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  1. That's the problem with Internet money.

    They make it look easy, but it really isn't, doesn't matter if it's adsense, or those websites where you're supposed to click something for money, you always feel like someone else is raking in your cash and only giving you a very small cut

  2. Thanks for the update- looking forward to seeing the next balloon video