Friday, October 12, 2012

Trades and Bad Balloon News

I executed the follow trades in the past week:

PowerShares DB (DDP) -- Buy: (5) at 29.59$ -- Sell: (5) at 32.00$
[+12.05$ +8.11% ]
United States Steel (X) -- Buy: (9) at 19.70$ -- Sell: (9) at 21.46$
[+15.84$ +8.93% ]

Trading Profit Total: +27.79$

Bad Balloon News
The titles pretty much says it all. I have some bad news for you my dear reader. I have to postpone the launch of the weather balloon. Why? Well here are the reasons:

  • Florida is a HORRIBLE location to launch weather balloons.
    • Swamps everywhere
    • Alligators in swamps
    • Snakes in swamps
    • Restricted airspace/military bases everywhere (They get a little bit mad when someone breaches their airspace)
SO, here's the plan -- I'm going to launch my balloon in late November. This will give me plenty of time to make some great videos about how to make every component of the weather balloon. Launching in November will also allow me to launch the balloon in Maine as apposed to Florida (there aren't alligators in Maine)

New Blog Total: 189.37$