Tuesday, November 6, 2012

October Wrap-up

October Wrap-Up
It's been another great month for 10tothe6th blog. This is almost solely due to the fact that I got back into bitcoin exchanges. There is A LOT of profit to be made in these exchanges, but one must be VERY careful to avoid scammers! I have made in total 349.53$.

This amount would have been MUCH larger had I not encoured some problems with paypal payment reversals. This was due to scammers and I'm currently in talks with paypal to iron it out. A lot is on the line and if the cases turn in my favor (which they probably wont) 10^6 blog will be 1405$ richer!If they don't, the profit line still stands at ~350$.

Because of the risks, I'm not going to exchange Bitcoins anymore. Although it may be extremely lucrative it is far too risky for my taste.

Almost all of this money will be used up in the balloon project.

I've ran out of free trades, and my investment company hasn't had a free investment hour for the past week. For now my portfolio still contains those Intel shares a cash.

Found Money
Remember the free MS points I got from searching with Bing? Well I got a 5$ gift card to amazon this time! I have no clue what to buy this it... Leave suggestions below.

Free is always good right?
Stock Portfolio:
Cash: 128.06$
Stock: 217.60$
  • Intel -- 217.60$
Cash: 350.93$
Ven: 192.00V
1 Snowboard
Amazon gift card: 5$


  1. Glad to see your site is still going strong! $300 is a long way from a $10 investment. :)