Friday, January 11, 2013

Blog Updates - Free stuff - Next Steps

Hello my loyal and very patient readers!
I haven't updated 10^6 blog in quite some time, and I feel very badly about that! To ease the pain I've provided some free stuff below for you all to sign up for!

Blog Updates:
I've been searching with consistently for the past few months and have finally earned another amazon gift card. This time it was only for +3.00$, but I'm not complaining because it is free money after all!

I'm still holding onto my shares of Intel in the hopes that the stock will recover the 6% it is down since I bought the shares. I did receive a +2.25$ dividend from Intel a few months ago so that helps with the loss I'm currently carrying.

I would also like to note that the day after Thanksgiving I did launch the weather balloon! I tracked the balloon successfully over the state of Maine, but unfortunately wasn't able to recover the payload. I will post the last 3 instructional videos regardless of that fact. So expect them! Below is a picture of the balloon taking off!

Stock Portfolio:
Cash: 130.31$
Stock: 217.60$
  • Intel -- 217.60$
Cash: 350.93$
Ven: 192.00V
1 Snowboard
Amazon gift card: 8$
Free stuff
As promised here is some free stuff. This times it's free iced tea samples. Simply like the page below, and fill in your info. In 6 weeks you'll be sipping on some free iced tea.
There's nothing better than free stuff!
Next Steps
The next steps for 10^6 blog is to use the information I gathered from making a weather balloon to make money. This is going to require a lot of time and a significant amount of money to get started. My end goal is to act as a weather balloon dealer on eBay who can supply people with not only weather balloons, but the information required to launch one. I'll be using the steps below:
  1. Finish the weather balloon tutorial videos
  2. Create another blog which compiles all information in one place
  3. Gather funds to purchase 100 300-500g weather balloons from Chinese distributor
  4. Sell weather balloons for a mark-up to customers on eBay/Craigslist
  5. ?????
  6. Profit
I'll be working on the tutorial videos this weekend and all of next week! We'll shoot for next Friday as a "due date."
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weather Balloon Project: The Recovery System

Only 3 more video to make and then anyone will be able to make their own observation balloon! There are videos attached to this one. In the first I unbox a SPOT GPS tracker, and in the second video I show you how to make your own parachute...CORRECTLY THIS TIME!
  1. The Payload
  2. The Balloon
  3. Recovery System
  4. Following FAA Rules
  5. Launch Day 

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

October Wrap-up

October Wrap-Up
It's been another great month for 10tothe6th blog. This is almost solely due to the fact that I got back into bitcoin exchanges. There is A LOT of profit to be made in these exchanges, but one must be VERY careful to avoid scammers! I have made in total 349.53$.

This amount would have been MUCH larger had I not encoured some problems with paypal payment reversals. This was due to scammers and I'm currently in talks with paypal to iron it out. A lot is on the line and if the cases turn in my favor (which they probably wont) 10^6 blog will be 1405$ richer!If they don't, the profit line still stands at ~350$.

Because of the risks, I'm not going to exchange Bitcoins anymore. Although it may be extremely lucrative it is far too risky for my taste.

Almost all of this money will be used up in the balloon project.

I've ran out of free trades, and my investment company hasn't had a free investment hour for the past week. For now my portfolio still contains those Intel shares a cash.

Found Money
Remember the free MS points I got from searching with Bing? Well I got a 5$ gift card to amazon this time! I have no clue what to buy this it... Leave suggestions below.

Free is always good right?
Stock Portfolio:
Cash: 128.06$
Stock: 217.60$
  • Intel -- 217.60$
Cash: 350.93$
Ven: 192.00V
1 Snowboard
Amazon gift card: 5$

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bitcoins: Round 2 | Stock Trades

Almost a year ago I made an investment in bitcoins. I bought 6 of them and then the bitcoin market took a nose dive. I was so angry that I sold all of my coins at a loss and said "NEVER AGAIN!" Well, today I'm here to tell you that I've changed my mind, but this time it's going to be different.
I'm not going to trade bitcoins I'm going to act as an intermediate. I'm going to sell them on eBay at almost 2x their going rate, and then use the profits to turn around and buy more (I'm using the same model as the Linden Dollar trades I did a few months ago).
The current going rate for bitcoins currently hovers around 11 dollars per 1 Bitcoin (It makes my blood boil thinking about the profit I could have made if I held onto those Bitcoins a year ago). People are paying 20-40 dollars on eBay for ONE BITCOIN.
It sounds crazy I know, but getting these bitcoins in a massive pain in the butt, so a lot of people would just rather pay the premium and receive the bitcoins via a Paypal payment. Here's the process I'm going to use to get the Bitcoins:
The process alone may deter someone from buying bitcoins
Using this process I've calculated that I should be able to make anywhere from 1.5-1.8x my initial investment. This is all dependant upon how much the consumer is willing to buy the bitcoins for!
I'm going to take 70$ and put it into the bitcoin cycle and see what happens.
Stock Trades
FB Sold: $93.06
Facebook had an amazing day yesterday. The stock was up 20% after it reported better than expected earnings this quarter. I decided to not get greedy, and sold all 4 of my shares and gained 9.86$ for 10tothe6th blog. It's a good thing I did because today it went down 4%. I guess that's to be expected though with the stock market. One day you're a winner, the next you're house is getting foreclosed.
There's a lot of cash in my portfolio, so I'll have to buy up some more stocks ASAP. After all, money sitting in the bank doesn't make money these days.
Stock Portfolio:
Cash: 128.06$
Stock: 217.60$
  • Intel -- 217.60$
Cash: 1.40$
Ven: 192.00V
Bitcoin Fund : 70.00$
1 Snowboard

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Need to Go Back to 3rd Grade | New Blog Look

I Need to Go Back to 3rd Grade

Why do I need to go back to the 3rd grade? Well that's because after reviewing my past blog totals I've realized that I've made some rather serious errors in my profits and losses... AKA I have less cash than I thought I did.
No excel spreadsheet will fix this one. Pen and paper all the way.

To make my life a little easier, and to ensure this doesn't happen again I'm going to do things a little different.  First, my free cash will be kept in a paypal account. Any additions or subtractions to the blog total will be noted on the paypal account and so the accounting side of my free cash flow will be made easier.
Second, any stock trades that I make, or changes to the 10tothe6th stock portfolio will be screen capped and posted on the blog. No money will be added to the portfolio, nor will money be taken out (unless I note otherwise).
That should make the accounting for this blog a lot easier. So without further adieu here are the new, ACCURATE blog totals:
Stock Portfolio:
Cash: 35.00$
Stock: 300.80$
  • Intel -- 217.60$
  • Facebook -- 83.20$
Cash: 71.40$
Ven: 192.00 (Yes I still have this Ven, and no I don't know what I'm going to do with it...)
1 Snowboard (I really need to get rid of this board...)
I'm glad we got that cleared up.

New Blog Look

As you can see I changed the blog around a wee bit. I took out the "Current Blog Holdings" tab. All blog totals will be at the end of each post now. I also added a contact tab where you can send me spam or comments or questions or really anything you want.
There's also a link to our Facebook page. So you should probably like that page to show your support for 10^6.
Most stuff coming this week -- October wrap up -- Bitcoins (again) -- Weather Balloon Updates -- New Videos